Leadership, Strategic Planning and Systems Approaches

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Date Developed: Unknown. Source: South Central Public Health Partnership. Presenter(s): Peter M. Ginter, PhD. Type: Video Course. Level: Intermediate Advanced. Length: 600 minutes.


This course is organized into seven modules around focused strategic planning. Module 1 includes video overviews of descriptions and steps involved in focused strategic thinking (FST), planning, management, and perspectives. The instructor notes that change is inevitable and necessary to further an organization, brainstorming is crucial to develop new ideas, and focus is crucial throughout the entire process. Module 2 discusses leadership and its relation to FST using a lecture by Dr. Jack Duncan on “The Mystical Reality of Leadership”, and includes an interview with Fay Boozman and Donald E Williamson. Session 3 concentrates on the specific process of strategic planning. In section 4, the instructor focuses on what the organization should and can do, the external factors and internal resources and the existing competencies of an organization to accomplish their goals. Module 5 discusses setting the organization’s mission, visions and values in order to form direction towards success. Module 6 focuses on developing strategies to set goals, while part 7 helps the learner brainstorm activities in order to achieve that goal. Handouts of the modules are available for use as well as a quiz.

Learning Objectives

• Have an awareness of the strategic development process.

• Be able to define internal and external analysis.

• Be able to differentiate between strategic and long-range planning.

• Understand what SWOTS are and how to use them in planning.

• Have an understanding of the role of strategic management.

• Be able to differentiate between mission statements and vision statements.

Special Instructions

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