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Self Directed: Know what you want to learn?

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Semi-Structured: Looking for trainings grouped according to your need?

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How To Use

How To Use

How to UseThe MCH Navigator provides state and local public health professionals with free online, competency-based learning opportunities and training resources to provide them with the tools they need to effectively address emerging health issues and to improve the health of children and families.

How to Use

Here are four ways that you can use the resources of the MCH Navigator to address your learning needs, either individually or as a group:

Self-Directed Learning

1. Do you know what you want to learn?
Are you interested in a specific MCH competency or more general public health topic?

The MCH Navigator’s Self-Directed Learning tools are just what you need.

We have created various mechanisms to help you find competency-based trainings that address the needs of the MCH workforce, students and community. Use our:

Self-Directed Learning

2. Are you looking for a structured learning experience?
Do you need an introduction or refresher on standard MCH content and topics?

No problem, check out the MCH Navigator’s Semi-Structured Learning resources.

We have developed:

Self-Directed Learning

3. Not sure of your training needs?
Would you like to test your knowledge of the MCH Leadership Competencies?

Sounds like you are looking for Self-Reflective Learning. Take the MCH Navigator’s Online Self-Assessment.

Map your learning pathway using our 3-step process that can be used individually or part of a group:

  • Identify your strengths and learning needs.
  • Match your learning needs to appropriate trainings.
  • Receive a personalized learning plan.

Register today.

Self-Directed Learning

4. Need ongoing, fast learning?
Are you a busy public health professional or student?

You need Fast-Interactive Learning.

Try the MCH Navigator’s Microlearning programs. Start with our 5-Minute MCH program, which explores the MCH Leadership Competencies, or our new Public Health Pronto program, which looks at the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals and health transformation topics, through short, ongoing bursts of learning that encourage learners to proceed at their own pace, all while being engaged in a collaborative environment. For each competency, the program presents a 5-minute introduction, 5 learning opportunities, 5 implementation strategies, and a 15-minute summary discussion with an expert from the field.

Begin learning with just 5-minutes.

Ideas and Examples for Use

See ideas and examples of how Title V staff and students across the country have been using the MCH Navigator.

Brochures to Share with Staff

These information brochures can be shared with staff to explain how to use the MCH Navigator.

Presentations & Publications

These presentations and publications explain how to use the MCH Navigator and contain real-life examples of use in the field.

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