Now Seeking State Applications for the 2019 Title V MCH Internship Program. Are you looking for additional support with the upcoming Title V Needs Assessment? Do you have a project that you have been trying to launch, but you haven’t had the time? Is there an activity you would implement or resources you would create, if only you had extra staff to help?  If so, consider hosting a Title V MCH Internship team during Summer 2019! 

The National MCH Workforce Development Center will support up to eight teams of MCH students to participate in internships in state Title V programs. If your state’s application is selected, a two-person student team will work to successfully complete a meaningful project of your choice. Deadline extended until November 23, 2018!!!

Title V Transformation Tools Released: The Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grants to States Program has established 15 National Performance Measures (NPMs). In order to effectively address the NPMs, MCH professionals need to think about not only the evidence and strategies to make change, but also the capacity of the workforce to carry out these activities. This series of Spotlights allows users to:

  1. Learn more about the resources contained in this portal by watching a 10 minute video.
  2. Access materials to find online learning materials, resources, and evidence-based strategies and programs that support the knowledge sets and skills needed to advance each NPM.


Title V MCH Internship Program (formerly the Paired Practica Program)

The Center has sponsored a paid practicum opportunity annually since 2014.  This program pairs a graduate student from one of the 13 HRSA-funded Centers of Excellence in MCH with an undergraduate from an MCH Pipeline Training Program or a graduate student from an MCH Public Health Catalyst Program. Student teams undertake health transformation projects identified by state MCH agencies, providing the students with real-world maternal and child health experience and providing states with the opportunity to both acculturate the future workforce and to benefit from the new knowledge and skills of current trainees.

The 2017 program will be held from June 12 – August 11, 2017.

  • For a full description of the Title V MCH Internship Program, click here.
  • For a summary of each of the health transformation projects identified by states for student teams in 2017, click here.
  • For a PDF version of the student application with instructions, click here.

If you would like more information or are interested in applying, contact Cindy San Miguel at or call 312-996-0726

Invitation to Apply – Cohort 2017

Implementing the transformed Title V Block Grant is not easy task – from state action plans to ESMs, there are numerous new challenges to navigate. Do you have a particular problem or challenge that could  benefit from an expert eye? Have you been struggling to navigate all of the transformations happening in health and health care? Do you have a “wicked” problem or complex challenge that might benefit from ongoing support? This opportunity provides support for a challenge you’d like to tackle with some guidance and structure.

The National MCH Workforce Development Center invites state/jurisdictional Title V agencies to submit applications for its upcoming Cohort learning opportunity. Accepted teams will participate in an 8-month Cohort with five other state/jurisdictional teams, during which time the Center will support the team’s work on an existing (or planned) health transformation project as a way to increase skills and capacity.

While health transformation projects can be complex, our application process is not! You will submit a two-page project description and identify team members by January 4 at 5:00 p.m. We will follow up with a one-hour exploratory telephone call to complete the process.

To download the full application, including detailed instructions in how to apply, click here.

Online Course Available: Applied Methods for Health Transformation Implementation in MCH

Are you ready to contribute to state or national health reform implementation? Would you like to elevate your implementation skills and leadership capacity? Don’t miss out! Explore the art and science of MCH health transformation through a unique online course to be offered Spring Semester 2017.

Back by popular demand, MHCH 745 (formerly MHCH 890) is designed to integrate the theory, research literature, and evidence-supported practices that promote optimal population health outcomes in maternal and child health. The course will allow participants to examine and apply knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • The Affordable Care Act
  • MCH Financing
  • Evidence-based Practice & Applied Implementation
  • Leadership
  • Systems Integration
  • Design Thinking
  • Sustainability

There are no course prerequisites. Learning is asynchronous, with weekly modules and an opportunity to connect with an online MCH community of practice. Participants may choose to earn 1 or 3 academic graduate credits or a certificate of completion.  To be eligible to enroll, you must be a graduate student from one of the 13 MCHB-funded Centers of Excellence in MCH Education, Science, and Practice or the 5 MCH Catalyst Programs OR an MCH professional interested in lifelong learning.

For more information, contact Rebecca Greenleaf –


MCH Summer Skills Institute

The National MCH Workforce Development Center, in partnership with AMCHP, UIC-Chicago, MCHB, and guest presenters, hosted its first ever MCH Summer Skills Institute in Chicago on August 22 – 26. A total of 134 participants from 34 states, jurisdictions, and territories attended a week of learning and were able to go with a ‘toolbox’ of new tools, skills, and knowledge. States/jurisdictions participated as either individuals or teams of up to 5 people to work intensively on a particular health transformation challenge. Many focused on a challenge related to their Title V Block Grant.

Sessions were presented in a non-traditional, adult learning-centered format, with a focus on the direct practice and application of new tools. Participants enjoyed time away from the office to dive deep into their respective challenges, completing work on a total of 12 distinct session topics linked to foundational skills needed to achieve the National Performance Measures. The curriculum and direct links to tools and resources presented at the Summer Skills Institute sessions are available here: MCH Summer Skills Institute Curriculum

Thank you to everyone who attended the Institute – your energy, passion, and enthusiasm were contagious and we appreciated your willingness to participate in activities and support your peers!

Introducing a New MCH Health Transformation Planning Tool!

Health transformation is everywhere. During this critical period, MCH leaders have the opportunity to address both technical and adaptive challenges, consider systems integration, and lead strategic action and innovation. Built on the framework of the MCH pyramid, this tool is designed for MCH practitioners at all levels to heighten learning capacity and leadership skills in relation to health reform and system transformation.

The first component of the tools is a five-step planning process using an adaptive problem-solving approach. Rather than just provide the tool and instructions, you will be guided through examples where much of the background work has been provided for you. Your team completes the analysis for your context and strategic thinking to arrive at a solution. The entire tools is available online and can be completed with a small team. A brief registration is required so that answers may be saved and printed in a report to share with others. Click here to access the tool.

The Center also offers a health reform state assessment tool, designed to help state MCH programs assess their capacity to influence key areas affecting MCH populations and services in the context of health transformation. The tools work in tandem; the state assessment tool giving the MCH program an opportunity to assess their capacity and the health planning tool an opportunity to develop a strategic plan for implementation. For a copy of the state assessment tool please contact Amy Mullenix at​.

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