Training Brief

Training Brief

Diversity and Health Equity

Diverse KidsGeorgetown University's MCH Navigator and NCEMCH are pleased to present this list of online trainings and resources for use by the Title V workforce in approaching diversity as a way to address health disparities, health equity, and removing barriers to care. The MCH Leadership Competencies present a conceptual framework for this issue. Goal 2 (Diversity and Health Equity) of the Division of MCH Workforce Development 2012-2020 Strategic Plan presents approaches to prepare and empower MCH leaders from diverse communities to promote health equity, wellness, and reduce disparities in health and health care. These approaches augment the HHS Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, which promotes integrated approaches, evidence-based programs, and best practices to reduce these disparities in the context of the Affordable Care Act, Healthy People 2020, and other national initiatives to improve health equity.

Table of Contents

Trainings from the MCH Navigator

Trainings on Diversity:

Trainings on Identifying Health Disparities within MCH Populations (MCH Leadership Competency 3S2):

Trainings on Strategies to Address Health Disparities within MCH Populations (MCH Leadership Competency 3S6):

Training Brief on Cultural Competence (MCH Leadership Competency 7).

Resources from NCEMCH

NCEMCHMeta Resources

Online Resources

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