The Influence of Character: The Role of Character, Values, and Ethics in Negotiation and Persuasion

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Date Developed: 12/17/2015. Source: GovLoop. Presenter(s): Jack London. Type: Video Lecture. Level: Introductory. Length: 35 minutes.


Character at work and life is vital to success. A reputation for strong character and values helps you succeed in influencing and negotiating. It is difficult to imagine long-term influence without character. Trust and integrity make a person more persuasive in the long-term than false promises and self-serving tactics. This course is led by bestselling author of “Character: The Ultimate Success Factor,” Dr. Jack London, Chairman of the Consolidated Analysis Center, Incorporated (CACI). The course comprises an overview, 4 lessons, and a post-course survey.

Learning Objectives

• What is meant by the term character?

• Why is character still of primary importance for successful, sustainable nations and organizations?

• How does character apply to better negotiating?

• The intersection of character, trust, ethics, and leadership.

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