Equity as the Soul of Collective Impact

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Date Developed: 06/07/2016. Source: Collective Impact Forum. Presenter(s): John Kania, FSG, William Bell, Michael McAfee, Luz Vega-Marquis, and Rev. Starsky Wilson. Type: Video Conference. Level: Intermediate. Length: 100 minutes.


For collective impact initiatives to achieve lasting change in communities, it is critical that these initiatives address the systemic structures and practices that create barriers to equitable outcomes for all populations, particularly along lines of race and class. To that end, collective impact initiatives must be intentional in their design from the very outset in order to ensure that an equity lens is prominent throughout their governance, planning, implementation, and evaluation. As part of designing and implementing collective impact with an equity focus, efforts must disaggregate data and develop strategies focused on improving outcomes for vulnerable populations. How can funders engage their Boards, fellow grantmaking partners, and grantees as they bring an equity framework to collective impact? Attendees hear from several national leaders about how funders can be helpful in putting equity at the forefront of collective impact.

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