Culture and Health Literacy: Beyond Access–Communication and Its Implications for Health Disparities

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Date Developed: 2010. Source: University of Minnesota Centers for Public Health Education and Outreach. Presenter(s): K. Viswanath. Type: Video Webinar. Level: Introductory. Length: 30 minutes.


This lecture introduces the concepts of communication inequalities and their effects on health. After describing the availability of health information through various communication routes, the lecture focuses on the multilevel approach to determinants of health. The presenter continues by discussing the four functions of health communications (information, instruction, social control and communal), and describes the effects of communication inequalities on the access, attention, comprehension, and capacity to act on health information. The lecture concludes with discussion of possible changes in communication inequalities in the future, and present possible research implications. Examples and a post-test are used to reinforce learning.

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