Orientation to Public Health

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Date Developed: Unknown. Source: New York - New Jersey Public Health Training Center. Presenter(s): Jim Cummings. Type: Online Course. Level: Introductory. Length: 90 minutes.


In this short interactive exercise, participants will learn about public health and state public health departments. The orientation begins by defining public health, explaining how it differs from other disciplines, and describes the six major obligations of public health departments. The second part discusses the 10 essential public health services and a brief introduction to the history of public health, namely the story of Dr. John Snow and the Broad Street Pump.

Learning Objectives

• Define public health and its obligations.

• Explain how public health differs from health care.

• Give examples of how their agency (or a local health agency) carries out the essential services of public health.

Special Instructions

You will need to register to access this learning opportunity. To begin the course, scroll to bottom of the page and click “Orientation to Public Health”. Once registered, click the black Enroll button at the top of the page to access the course. To view an email from the instructor, click on the sticky note.

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