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Public Health Pronto: Module 7.4

Public Health Pronto: Module 7.4

Financial Planning & Management Skills

Module 7.4: 5-Minute Summary

Here we summarize the knowledge you've gained over the previous modules with a 5-minute conversation with John Richards, Co-Director of NCEMCH and Jennifer McKeever, Director of Public Health Practice and Training. In this conversation, Ms. McKeever answers questions that you have submitted throughout the module.

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Jennifer McKeeverAbout Our Speaker

As Director of Public Health Practice and Training, Jennifer McKeever, MSW, MPH, supports staff, consultants, and network members in the implementation of initiatives that improve the nation’s public health performance. Most recently, Jennifer is supporting the creation and launch of the National Coordinating Center for Public Health Training, working with ten regional training centers to co-create, standardize, and modernize a best-in-class public health training system that is easily accessible to all communities and Tribes across the country.  

In her tenure with NNPHI, Jennifer has led the design and execution of national trainings and conferences that reach over 1,000 public health professionals per year and learning communities that test innovations to advance public health practice. Her work is driven by a deep belief that achieving health in the U.S and everywhere will be found through the pursuit of justice. Prior to joining NNPHI, Jennifer oversaw HIV testing and counseling with the Louisiana Office of Public Health, a program that conducted 75,000 tests and trained over 200 HIV counselors annually. She also managed and provided training for community-based programs providing HIV services across the state. Earlier in her career, Ms. McKeever worked as a social services director for a residential facility for persons living with AIDS, as an ESL teacher and caregiver for children in Honduras, and as an employment coach for persons with developmental disabilities. She earned a MSW and MPH from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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  • I'm reminded how important the Title V/Medicaid Interagency Agreements are, but wasn't aware of all these resources. It actually made my head spin that we have a portal that we can access other state examples. This should make life easier as we continue to update ours (not an easy process).
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