Public Health Pronto: Module 10.0

Public Health Pronto: Module 10.0

Change Management & Adaptive Leadership

Module 10.0: Overview

Change management emerged first in the 1960s as part of Everett Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations approach; change management seeks to provide individuals/professionals and organizations/systems with the abilities (drawn from behavioral and social sciences, information technology, and the business world) to meet new challenges. In MCH, it is particularly important to equip the Title V workforce and key organizations with the ability to meet the opportunities and challenges of a transformed MCH Block Grant and health care reform more broadly.

Change management builds on the MCH Leadership Competencies as a foundation while utilizing a new framework (often broken down into four steps: identifying the need for, preparing for, managing/implementing, and evaluating the change) and set of management competencies (often defined as information, task, people, interpersonal, and personal management as well as technical expertise) to establish skills on a personal and organizational level to address a changing work environment. Skills gained through this process are necessary for MCH professionals from beginning to end of all activities in daily work: assessment, innovation, testing, performance measurement, implementation, and improvement cycles.  

This topic area continues our look at the National MCH Workforce Development Center topic areas. These were selected to address Title V workforce development needs, which continue to evolve with the transformation of the MCH Block Grant process.


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