5-Minute MCH: Module 2.0

5-Minute MCH: Module 2.0


Module 2.0: Overview

Self-reflection is the process of assessing the impact of personal values, beliefs, communication styles, cultural influences, and experiences on one’s personal and professional leadership style. By engaging in self-reflection, MCH leaders:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of their personal and cultural biases, experiences, values, and beliefs and how these may influence future action and learning.
  • Identify personal strengths in both informal and organizational contexts.
  • Explore personal leadership styles and attributes in relation to the settings in which they work.
  • Strive for balance between private and professional lives to optimize well-being.


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Each module below examines the competency as part of a learning process. You can use these modules sequentially or choose those of most relevance to your needs:z

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