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5-Minute MCH: Module 11.2

5-Minute MCH: Module 11.2

Working with Communities and Systems

Module 11.2: 5 Learning Opportunities

This module builds on what we learned about MCH Leadership Competencies 1-10 by introducing you to 5 learning opportunities about Competency 11: Working with Communities and Systems from the MCH Navigator catalog.

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These 5 learning opportunities represent some of the most relevant and/or recent online trainings in the field and have been chosen based on their ease of access, focus, brevity, and their integration with principles necessary to advance the transformation of the MCH Block Grant. Trainings have been identified by MCH Navigator staff and further vetted by a group of MCH experts in the states and in academic settings.

Take one or all of the trainings to sharpen your knowledge and skills, either individually or with your colleagues as a team-building exercise.

  1. Maximizing Community Stakeholders' Engagement. Year Developed: n.a. Source: CityMatCH. Presenter(s): Tom Wolff, PhD. Type: Narrated Slide Presentation. Level: Intermediate - Advanced. Length: 35 minutes.
  2. Achieving Health Equity through Policy, Systems and Environmental Changes. Year Developed: 2010. Source: School of Public Health, University at Albany, State University of New York. Presenter(s): Robert Fullilove, EdD; Pamela Ferrari, RN. Type: Webinar Archive. Level: Advanced. Length: 62 minutes.
  3. Systems Thinking for Maternal and Child Health: Applications in Practice . Year Developed: n.a. Source: South Central Public Health Partnership. Presenter(s): n.a. Type: Online Course. Level: Introductory. Length: Self-paced.
  4. System Change Yin and Yang, How To Promote Quality Improvement and Adaptability While Maintaining Fidelity Across Communities and Partnerships. Year Developed: 2015. Source: Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs. Presenter(s): Adrienne Gilbert, MPH; Angela Paxton; Mary Jo Paladino, MSA; Nancy Swigonski, MD, MPH. Type: Video Conference. Level: Introductory. Length: 52 minutes.
  5. Using Process Flow Diagramming To Understand and Improve MCH Systems and Position Title V for Health Care Reform. Date Developed: 01/29/2015. Source: Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs. Presenter(s): Amanda Cornett, MPH; Kori Flower, MS, MD, MPH; Kristen Hassmiller Lich, MHA, PhD; Sue Ewy, MS. Type: Video Conference. Level: Intermediate. Length: 98 minutes.

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  • "One of the ultimate outcomes of working with communities is to help reduce health disparities. It requires full participation of community leaders, businesses, churches, and neighborhoods to do this. Keeping that goal in mind helps with thinking through strategies."
  • "It would be great to have a short introduction to diagramming. 90 minutes is a real commitment to learn the basics."
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